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You are always surrounded by people who are looking for company, just like you. But how do you find them? Download Amigos and tap what you are up for. Like-minded people will now invite you and send you a message. You can find each other through the map.

Rather plan than spontaneously?

No worries. You can also just plan something. Today, sometime next week or even next month. Amigos will see this on the map and can join spontaneously.

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Onze amigos

Robin (28)

Amigo removes the barrier to have spontaneous chitchats with people

Antonina (23)

I think Amigos will feel like backpacking in my hometown

Fred (38)

Now that my friends are starting families, I can use the Amigo adventure!

Hilde (23)

For me and my friends this is an ideal way of seeing who is doing what

Maarten (26)

Amigo removes the barrier to have spontaneous chitchats with people

Julia (25)

I just moved to Utrecht. Amigo seems like a super handy way to get to know people here!

Maartje (19)

Via Amigos ga ik veel medestudenten uit mโ€™n buurt leren kennen

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  • How can I schedule an activity via Amigo?

    You can do this by changing your status to: โ€œIโ€™m planning toโ€ฆโ€. That way, other amigos can see what you have planned and can join.
  • How can I see what’s happening around me later in the day?

    You will see a timeline at the bottom of the app. If you scroll through that, you can see all the planned moments of the day and join them.
  • How can I be sure that someone is reliable?

    We do everything we can to only have real โ€œamigosโ€ on the app. You can help us with that by rating each amigo after you met him or her. After joining an amigo, a popup will appear in the app where you can easily do this. This way we can block any unwanted "amigos".
  • Is Amigo only intended for spontaneous contact?

    Yes. With Amigo we want to make every situation more fun and usually spontaneous contact is the perfect way to do this. Via Amigo you can find people in your area who are currently in for the same thing as you are รกnd you can spontaneously schedule something for later in the day.
  • Is Amigo free?

  • Is it for all ages?

    Amigos is for all ages from 18 years. You can set which ages you want to see and vice versa.

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