Frequently asked questions

Is Amigos free?

For what can Amigos be used exactly?

Is Amigos for all ages?

Do I have to meet certain requirements?

Can anyone just see me on the map?

Is Amigos only meant for spontaneous contact?

Can you schedule an activity through Amigos?

How can I plan an activity via Amigos?

How am I able to see if there is something to do in my neighbourhood?

Can I bring someone along if I have joined another amigo?

Can I chat with someone before joining their activity?

What’s the difference between a person icon and an orange location pin?

What do the icons in a profile mean?

How do I know if someone is trustworthy?

What is the protocol for a report?

What are the Amigos guidelines?

Can I invite amigos to my home?

Where is Amigos available?