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You are always surrounded by people who are looking for company, just like you. But how do you find them? Download Amigos and tap what you are up for. Like-minded people will now invite you and send you a message. You can find each other through the map.

Rather plan than spontaneously?

No worries. You can also just plan something. Today, sometime next week or even next month. Amigos will see this on the map and can join spontaneously.


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Our Amigos

Nora (23)

Amigos has already brought me many spontaneous meetups. The freedom to join something is wonderful! Very nice to meet new people in such an approachable way 😁

Demi (28)

Amigos is a really cool app. For when you just moved, don't know many people yet or just feel like getting to know new people, it works! Super for spontaneous get togethers and planned parties.

Marietha (29)

I have already met a lot of nice people through Amigos; at a silent disco, during a jam session and at a Friday afternoon drink. Something for everyone!

Sacha (27)

It's the perfect way to have spontaneous meetings and make new friends! Amigos has already provided many cool adventures 🥳

Dion (28)

So nice to meet up spontaneously somewhere, I do it weekly. Like a motorcycle tour, house party or walk in the park. Great!

Marleen (30)

Super fun that I discovered Amigos two months ago, already met a lot of people and had great evenings!

Mike (36)

What a great app! Getting to know new people in a super approachable way and there is something for everyone. I have already met many nice people through Amigos 😁.

Job (26)

Amigos is for me the way to bring people together. It's so nice to be among people and meet new people through the app.

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Can anyone just see me on the map?

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